Professionele Pro Control meters 52 mm met alarm weergave

De verlichting van deze meters kan je instellen op ‘”full on” of “‘dimmable”‘ (dimabaar).  De geleverde fabrieksinstelling is “‘Full on”.

Full on :
In this mode, the white lighting wire is ignored. The gauge dial lighting is always on at full brightness. (unless you select NO color when setting the Backlight Color). If using Full On mode, white wire hook-up is not needed.

Dimmable :
In this mode, the white wire is used to set the intensity of the dial lighting from full brightness down to off.

To change the lighting mode:
With power off, press and hold the peaK button. Apply power to the gauge. Release the peaK button and the dial face will illuminate with either white lighting or blue lighting. Press and release the PEAK button to toggle between Full On (dial is illuminated white) and Dimmable (dial is illuminated blue). Once you have selected the desired mode, don’t press any buttons for about three seconds. The dial will flicker white several times to indicate the desired setting has been saved and the gauge will return to normal operation with your new mode selection. Mode selections are saved when power is off.

Resultaat 1–12 van de 17 resultaten wordt getoond

Resultaat 1–12 van de 17 resultaten wordt getoond